Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon !!

Our Sponsors for the Simbang Gabi Masses
Date Sponsors
December 15 Mr.Bonifacio & Mrs. Belen Cleto  ·  Mr. Ryan & Mrs. Francia Roma  ·  Mr. Oscar & Mrs. Rita Daso  ·  Dory Page & Family  ·  Miss. Lina Saens  ·  Mr. Peter & Mrs. Nilda Quijano  ·  Mr. Florante & Mrs. Herlie Sioson  ·  Mr. Freddie Delacruz  ·  Mrs. Corazon Franks  ·  Mrs. Elma Nayre  ·  Mr. Willie & Mrs. Dolly Madla
December 16 Red Ribbon Cakeshop & Catering  ·  Weight Loss Center  ·  Imelda Martin Hum  ·  Beth Marshall  ·  Marizza Alejo Carino M.D.  ·  Mr. & Mrs. Philip DeBarr
December 17 Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Manansala  ·  Mr. & Mrs. Warren Mangulabnan  ·  Mr. & Mrs. Elden Ordinario  ·  Mr. & Mrs. Leopoldo Segui  ·  Mr. & Mrs. Rey Sagliba  ·  Mrs. Delia Sagliba  ·  Mrs. Alma Sabac 8. Mrs. Celina Empedrado  ·  Mr. & Mrs. Christie Pasinos  ·  Mrs. Teresa McGraw  ·  Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bisbing  ·  Dr. & Mrs. Jesse Castilliano  ·  Mrs. Marissa Glesen
December 19 Salud Family  ·  Dr. Chona Lastimosa  ·  Dr. Susan Santos  ·  Mr. Ferdie and Dr. Rosemary Angeles  ·  Mr. Peter and Dr. Grace Maala  ·  Ms. Remedios Doctor  ·  Mrs. Rhodora Racal  ·  Mrs Josie Dollente  ·  Mrs. Rosalie Pablo  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Rolando Vicente  ·  Dr. Rodolfo & Teresita Son  ·  Ms. Mina Manigbas  ·  Dr. Gerardo Reyes
December 20 Dominic, Hana & Antoinette Joseph
December 21 Servants of Christ  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Jason Tellez  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Perry Beaubien Jr.  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Don Mata  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Ramoncito Lee  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sorrels  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Zosimo Sobredilla  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Teody Piol  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Voltaire Diaz  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Rey de los Reyes  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Papa  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Rivas  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Agustin Banaylo Jr.  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Junel Laguna  ·  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lejarde
December 22
December 23 The Good Samaritan Group

The Kapulungan ng mga Katolikong Pilipino sa Michigan (KKPM) is a Roman Catholic-based organization whose primary mission is to spread the word of God to local Michigan Filipinos. As a family, the group is involved in many activities based on traditional Filipino Christian culture, including but not limited to Flores de Mayo, Simbang Gabi, and more.

The KKPM also runs an adult choir, youth choir, and youth band formed by a group of dedicated Catholic Filipinos who want to continue to their vocal and instrumental talents while showing their religious faith.

  Mass Intentions for the Sick and Departed

Please note that all mass intentions are offered at the beginning of the mass and shown on our overhead screen. These names are shown again when reading the prayers of the faithful.

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KKPM is a non-profit organization and is 501 C3 tax exempt. Any donations made to KKPM are tax deductible. Thank you for your kind support which will help us achieve our mission and vision. Checks payable to KKPM may be sent to 2452 Jonathan Drive, Sterling Heights, MI 48310 or given to any of our council members during our first Saturday of the month masses.

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